Lizard SK


     Lizard brand presents you the opportunity to make a custom t-shirt, jersey or jacket. There are no limits at our place! The only thing you need is an idea and we will take care of the rest. Our portfolio consists among others of work clothing, mini-jerseys, jogging outfits and promotion articles. Thanks to the modern technologies we are able to provide products of the highest quality.

PRAC_OBLBusiness t-shirts, outfits and promotion articles

     Our products will be provided to your satisfaction, no matter the requests. Should you need to print a number of t-shirts for your company’s promotion, just supply us with your logo and if you prefer, we will suggest a suitable design. You will be served with the final product.


High-quality jogging outfits

     Everyday chillouts – that is what jogging outfits are for. Our sweatshirts and sweatpants will most definitely win you over! Comfortable, casual and with the option of custom print, of course. Naturally, we accept your own designs.

4Working clothes

     Being a professional and looking like one, we will supply you with our exceptional-quality products. Lizard offers everything from overalls through shirts and polo shirts, cloaks, up to vests, pants or gloves. We can provide you with anti-static textiles used in electrotechnical industry. Thanks to our working outfit you will always feel safe and comfortable.


Softshell jackets

     In case you like to work out, with our softshell jacket the weather does not come as a surprise anymore. It is made of a special material which protects you from the wind and humidity, while allowing you activity without limitation. An important quality factor of the jacket is a waterproof impregnated layer which protects from rain. Waterproof zippers and rubber fastening on the sleeves are a matter of course. With our softshell jacket, wearing multiple layers becomes superfluous. Take a look at our portfolio and find the one you like the best. We deliver in just 7 days (within EU) after you have submitted the offer.

…do not hesitate to approach us with your wishes.